Bespoke. Beautiful.
Built to Endure.

Hugo Lamdin Furniture creates furniture to last through the ages: bespoke, beautiful pieces that balance quality with durability and timeless style. Based in a former dairy in the Oxfordshire countryside, Hugo combines traditional techniques with a modern sensibility and a passion for innovation, hand-crafting furniture that is both classic and imaginative, while always respecting the warmth, personality and integrity of real wood.

Furniture is a personal thing, so Hugo never works in large batches, and no two pieces he makes are the same. Whether you desire something solid and simple or an intricate heirloom to be passed on for generations to come, he will consult closely with you to make sure your vision is fully realised. Original designs, exquisite craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality: Hugo Lamdin Furniture is all about transforming spaces, and – more than that – turning houses into homes.